Saturday, January 30, 2016


John 15:12-13 () "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. ESV #Bible

Friday, December 7, 2012

Changing your eating habits..(2011)

You know how people constantly say its all about portion control. Funny thing it actually is!! Tho some fail to mention the process to train our brain and body to do so. For me I mentally made a list on what "I" needed to stay away from or limit my portions. Bread Tortillas TAkis Hot CHeetos Sugar So I admit I was a fast food junkie bad!!!!!! I still was but just cut my portions in half. (instead of 2 double cheeseburgers I'd eat one) instead of two tacos I'd eat one. I mainly did this with the bad unhealthy food even when i would eat at home. Sugar and sweets I cut those out completely no soda no candy. The only sweets I allowed myself to have were special k bars or my instant oatmeal for breakfast. Bread and tortillas were another thing I stayed away from. I also changed my breakfast habit I was never a breakfast person! My first meal of the day would be like a 2pm. I also ate salads more and increased my veggie intake a little. I remember eating a lot of tuna as well but with saltine crackers no bread. Like I mentioned before fast food was still apart of my life at that time but it was tough bc no one took me seriously and kind of made fun of me bc I would eat the inside of one taco and leave the tortilla and leave the bun of a burger. That was a huge test for me and I feel people around me not taking me seriously made me that much more determined to stick to my new eating habits. Mind you this was over a course of 2-2.5 months that i started this and I noticed results fast!
In mid January i was down about 20ish lbs and I honestly couldn't believe it. I finally had some kind of progress as far as dieting which was something I had never done! So I was like breads and sugary stuff is what contributed to me being a fat cow. So I kept that mentality. In mid January I decided to download an app on my ipod a calorie counter "myfitnesspal" It was sort of a game for me haha i would look up what foods i was about to and if it was too much calories i wouldnt eat it lol. that helped me for only lasted awhile now i only get on to update my weight bc it keeps track of that as well. CRAVINGS? When I would crave something I would give into my craving but only eat a portion of it. Like if and when i craved breads I would eat half of a bun or half of a slice of bread, or when I wanted a candy or something sweet I would eat half of it. What I learned from my failed diets in the past that if I deprived myself from something I would crash and fail because I wanted to eat something I told myself I wasn't. I wouldn't get cravings often but when I did I gave in to them. I still do this today. Im not perfect I go off track every now and then but the most I've gained back during these two years is 4 to 5 lbs.
But the most it will last is a week. Bc as soon as I change my eating habits I drop the lbs I gained. There was a few things I deprived myself from but only bc I knew I needed to. and that was French fries hot Cheetos!!!! Those were like the biggest things for me. I loved my hot Cheetos I ate them every day in my obese days lol! All that lasted for 2011. And all in one year I lost over 30 lbs. By eating better and exercising (not all hardcore tho) IN my next post ill share my eating habits for 2012 and split up the exercising into 2 posts.. fyi i didnt do hardcore workouts or drink diet pills this was all by eating differently.. I'm not saying this is the perfect plan but its been for me. I gradually changed my eating habits and slowly implemented a mini workout routine. Ive seen many many weightloss stories online and it personally at one time made me think mines wasn't as good enough as theirs thats why I took a long while to share my progress.. But every weightloss journey is a success because you are no longer the person you were when you started. So keep that in mind, it may take you longer or a shorter time to reach your goal or have some progress but dont give up. MOST of my biggest supports came from online!! ig twitter blogger.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When you get tired of being the fat one..

As promised I wanted to start a series of posts about my weight loss journey. I haven't had a chance to write them up ahead of time like i planned so I'm just just starting this one and we shall go from there..
I've always been a chubby girl since I was younger in elementary it wasnt until
I was about 10 or 11 that I realized i wasn't a skinny petite little thing LOL. It never bothered me to the point where I wanted to do something about my weight so my weight slowly kept Increasing. Even in hs i tried to lose weight but I was never consistent or motivated enough.
I got picked occasionally but not to the point where I felt I needed to lose weight. In 2007 things just got worse i can't even say how much weight I gained in three years bc I honestly didn't keep track...looking back at the few pictures I have i still can't believe how bad it got. It wasn't until thanksgiving 2010 i decided it was time for a change. I got a reality check it wasn't the one I wanted and I don't know why their comments hurt me so much but they did it was two of my younger family members, they made a comment about my plate mind you they didn't tell me to my face I hear it from my niece and nephew later on that night. I'll never forget that night I broke down because the fact that those two individuals had something to say about what I was eating or what was on my plate just pissed me off. Ive always been one to not eat in public or at family gatherings I've always been ashamed to eat that's just how I've been. So the one time I actually was comfortable was that day in 2010 and for what to get talked about. That night i decided you know what enough is enough. Ima show these a holes they wanna talk about what I eat or how I eat okay ill give them something to talk about. I then knew what I had to do to and I knew I had to make some changes in my diet I finally had the motivation I's taken 2 years and 70 lbs but the only way you can succeed in losing weight if you believe in yourself have people who believe and you most importantly be determined!! You can't depend on someone to be determined for you have to do it alone. That's one thing I learned these past two years people will try to test you to see If you will break but you can't let them win.
For the record these past two years I NEVER took diet pills, or became a gym rat. Yes i did exercise and but mainly changed my eating habits A LOT! From nov 2010 to jan 2011 I lost about 25 lbs. in my next post I'll explain how I changed my diet I'm not saying its for everyone or i guarantee it will work. But this is what worked for me and not once did i cave or give up. I'm not at my goal weight yet but I'm about 20ish lbs away from it. I wanna be able to share what helped me because only people who struggle with their weight know the emotional toll it takes on you yeah I never let it bother me being a fat girl. But deep down it did I was so unhappy with myself it just took a long time to realize it.
This pic is progress shot I guess you can say since I haven't reached my goal weight. But I wanted to share with you a little something to intrigue you And stick around since I'm writing a whole novel on here LOL ;) I've only showed a handful of people this pic I'll share it eventually haha. But yes I look like I'm about to give birth:( (I don't have kids)
Hopefully I'll see you next post I promise it's gonna be up in a couple days. :)
**typo pic was oct2010 and progress shot was nov 2012.. Whoopsie.