Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad blogger award goes to...

Oh my gosh why is it such a task to keep up with my blog?:( I've tried for the past month to pull some drafts but can't seem to finish them. I guess I'm not cut out to be a blogger! As far as nails of the week that's a bust since I just bit my nails last night!! Makeup looks my makeup looks pretty much the same when I actually wear makeup! Hauls would be the only thing I'd prolly be able to post but reviews that would require for me to actually try out the product consistently right? I buy stuff but actually wearing it um yeah that doesn't happen.. We have enough hauling on YouTube I don't think it's pretty smart of me to just do that here.. Maybe I'm suffering from writers block or time block.. I just have so many little things to do that takes up my day and any free time I have I play draw something! I don't even keep up with my shows anymore:( which is a pretty big deal because I love tv! Im seriously considering just deleting or making my blog private for awhile because I don't have time for my hobby anymore. What irks me more is that I don't see it fair at all for me to write posts and expect for people to read when I don't even have any time to read their blogs much less comment them. Just giving you amazing readers a little update as far as where my blog might be headed I have not made my final decision but i just want you to feel free to unfollow or if you want stick it out and stay I truly appreciate it! I will be back to the blogging world eventually if i decide to go but just don't know when.... Love you all and don't think for a second that I am unappreciative of my readers because that is not the case!! I just need to get out of this little funk I'm in!