Friday, April 20, 2012

A bunch of randomness

Well hello to you lovely readers I decide to do a random post lets see where this goes Truth is I was inspired to do a post today I guess because I finally have had time to check out blogs my computer and not my phone. I still dont know why I can't comment via the internet its too much of a hassle from my phone as well. I need to fix this pronto.
My semester is finally coming to an end first or second week of MAY!! This has been one crazy semester I honestly don't even know how I managed, i'm definitely keeping my word and taking a break from school it has become very overwhelming for me especially within these last few months. :( I just want these months to fly so my mommy can fully recover from her triple bypass she had earlier this year. SO hopefully after these 12 assignments total I have (this includes final exams and projects) I will try my best to get back on my blog grind!
I may have a blog sale coming soon for you lovelies! My sister from another mister is a makeup hoarder like the rest of us and has guts to finally give those lonely babies a new home!:D

I want to blog about my everlasting journey of weight loss I started in November 2010 and as of April 2012 I have lost 47 lbs I still have roughly 50 lbs to go but I know I will get there eventually! I wanna share my daily thoughts it's hard some days but you must never give up it will be worth it! I wanna inspire those and motivate those who want to lose weight or even get healthy. I got an idea from a blogger/guru who is going to do like a weight loss challenge and give a reward which I think is a GREAT IDEA!! I want to start one of my own with those who are on the same page as me, I think this will be a great way for those who need a support system and to get ideas or tricks to help lose weight we can share with one another and all lose weight together!!! For example this one that I got from pinterest
:D let me know what you think about this I still have some thinking as to how to start this little project..

what else is in this big head of mines..hmmm
I need to start growing my nails out!!!

I love that I finally decided to grow my hair out I just love this picture my niece braided my hair..

Well I guess that's about it hope you all have a great weekend!