Monday, July 23, 2012

I don't know where I'm going in this post lol

Just a post with random thoughts...
I can't get into the whole blogger thing I'm not trying hard enough but it's so time consuming lol. I intended to do a post today but have not blogger pics in my phone or iPod :/major fail.
I haven't blogged nail posts bc I hates my uneven nails! I refuse to make them all even bc I'll just shorten the crap out of them. So I'm just suffering lol. I finally found the microbeads at Michaels im so stoked to play with them.:)
Guys are dumb especially young immature ones.. Don't do something to someone that you know damn well will make you regret it later! Yeah I'll make a person regret their actions!
But it don't phase me ha!
Anyways I'm im finally down to my last 30lbs I need to lose!! 50+ lbs lost since November 2010 I need to meet my goal before November of this year! I owe it a lot to stress bc of everything's thats been happening with my mommy whose been sicky poo all of 2012. She dropped her weight faster than me.. But I'm proud of her shes on a tiny dose of a diabetes med.. I guess thats one thing that I can say has been good this year for years I wanted to get healthy and loose weight and when I finally made the decision in 2010 my mommy was not having it I really wanted to push her bc I knew it would be a great move health wise.. But shes stubborn like we all are and yeah..
I just want to down last 30 + so I can finally said I did it!!!!!! :)
My eyebrows are doing their own thing lately they look crappy..
Here is my outfit of the day simple but totally runway attire. Hospitals are no fun much less the chairs :/

Forgive me if this post doesn't make sense. It wasn't really suppose to ;) I warned you ahead of time so if you made it this far thank you!!! Xoxoxoxox
Next post will be more appropriate.