Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Lately I have been giving into the hype of products that people constantly rave about in the beauty community. So I decided to try the revlon lip butters I purchased them a little over a month ago and it took two trips to Walmart because there was only one lip butter on display each time haha!
I only purchased two creme brûlée and sugar frosting both sheer shades. I only wanted to try them because I needed something for my chapped lips I am very cautious when wearing bold lips but after more hype from my favorite hype man (woman) RissRose2 she mentioned a shade in one of her BMC videos #15 i believe.. so I went out on the hunt for it unfortunately I had no luck finding it but I did get another one in the color "lollipop!" Which i'm really enjoying.. I find myself actually reaching for it just to make my lips pop and stand out

It took me awhile to actually like the other two.. I just didn't see them working for my lips.. I thought I was going to have to throw them in the never purchase again bin. But I insisted to keep trying them. And after two weeks I really started to love them.. I am at the point where I want to try more shades but ones that have a tint to them.. With that being said I give these babies two thumbs up!! You should get on the boat before you drown..(kidding) :D

As always Thanks for reading and let me know your favorite lip butters!!:)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mini Haul: Sinful Colors Nail Polishes

Just thought I'd share with you all my latest nail polish finds. I want to say the week of valentines day Walgreen's had Sinful Colors Nail Polishes on sale for .99!! I try to hit up these sales mainly because to add to my collection, and because I love this brand so much especially the shades..Every time I purchase new ones I become obsessed with the shade for weeks at a time.
At the moment I have Folly on my toes and GO GO Girl on my nails. A few days ago and the one is the one i'm absolutely obsessed with is DAREDEVIL! This color looks too freaking cute one me (Cocky much?) haha! I do plan on doing a NOTW post using this shade once my nails are all the same length..What are your latest finds from sinful colors or any other brand?? Link me if you have a post i'd love to add more colors to my collection:)

Thanks for reading

Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos

Here we are another review!! This time eh not a good or on my end at least. I don't like posting bad reviews but I would feel even worse if I don't share.. There has been so much hype with these new tattoos I had I give them a try.. I thought I was playing it safe and I went with the white one which is a shimmery side. I tried to love it I really did but we were just not the best match. It dries super fast so its hard to work with as far as applying your shadows after. It creased on me no matter how less of product I would apply.:( My elf primer lasts longer than this! (which is not way less than eight hours. I was really disappointed since I'm probably the only one in the blogger universe who isn't a fan of these tattoos I'm currently trying another shade "tough as taupe" lets see how that one works for me but as far as me I think you should pass on these or just purchase one! I'm so glad I didn't have the opportunity to purchase more at a time.. Since the rack once again had only two shades! Some more background information on me, My eyelids nor do I have oily skin much less oily eyelids.. so I don't know what went wrong to cause it to crease on me or look oily (YUCK)
Update: I tried the "tough as taupe" shade I did enjoy it way more than the white one.. not to the point where I use it everyday though.

SO as of right now the verdict on my end is EHHH Pass these babies up:) But its all up to you.. I don't regret purchasing them because I would have never known how i'd feel about them. Have you tried these? Which are your favorites shades?
I know many of you like these so I'm not going to ask you all if you love them:P

Thanks for reading

Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Almay Pure Blends Foundation

Well I wanted to review about this foundation or whatever it's called because I was disappointed with it recently I purchased this last month at walgreens it was on sale for $2.59. That's the only time I purchase drugstore foundations is when they are on sale for a really low price haha. This was working for me okay for a while up until this week. The consistency is pretty watery/liquidy but it gives me great coverage, it has a clay smell to it I got use to it after a few times. You have to shake it before each use and that's where I went wrong... I squeeze the product on a flat surface rather than the back of my hand because I stipple it on using a stippling brush. Well I forgot to shake it and all the water(I think) came out when I squeezed it out on a flat surface. I didn't think nothing of it so I just cleaned it off and shook the product and then put some on a flat surface to apply it to my face. BAD IDEA after my foundation application my face looked so OILY it was yuck! (I have dry skin) I don't plan on using this foundation again mainly because I know what every ingredients that came came out prior to me shaking it, is why the product turned to crap. I am still looking for a good drugstore foundation/tinted moisturizer for a decent price I already have a high end drugstore (REVLON is my all time favorite) I will keep you updated on my findings good or bad.
Have you tried this product I'm curious how it worked for you. Shoot me a comment down below :)

Brow Post: Raven Symone

Just thought I'd do a quick post I came across this photo of Raven a while back, she has been my thinspiration lately! But as far as the eyebrow dept. not so much... This is an example why you need bangs side or full ones for bad brow days... Just saying.. I still love her and extremely proud of her, she just needs to get her brow game on point:)