Thursday, June 28, 2012

NOTD Nails of the day... plus some of my favs.

So i posted this pic on ig a few days ago and I decided I wanted to share it with my readers.
This color is amazing its a bright barbie pink!!!
I find myself always reaching for this shade

it's such a beautiful color.

I have been really into these colors the past few months these are my most reached for colors. It's hard to do posts when it's going to be of the same colors lol!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little something from a special somebody!

Hey lovelies here is the post as promised.
I received it on my birthday!! I had to go pick it up at post office. So of course Jessica had me follow these specific instructions which was an adventure for me.
Pick up package
Go home
Read blog post
then open my package/gift

I was soo impatient but I knew I had to follow directions before I get slapped lol
I didn't know she had sent me something till the actual day, and because she had to tell me go check your mail lady!!!! Lol

Here is the inside of the card in case you were wondering LOL

NYC Mattifying top coat- Matte Me Crazy
Sinful Colors in unicorn(yellow)and HD Nails (green)

ELF Glitter gloss- golden glitz

Shamballa Bracelet<3

Gold glitter bag
Hello kitty tissues (SO CUTE)
Nail goodies for nail art (fimo, file, striping tape)
Cross Key Chain
Bodycology body cream
Kabuki Brush that is AWESOME

I am so grateful for my sissy poo!
I loved everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and Jessica have really gotten close this year she's been there for me at my worst times especially with everything that's been happening with my mommy. It doesn't matter how many miles apart one can be what matters is that you're a friend no matter how far you are. She's been there when I was alone bc I felt I couldnt turn to anyone else! She's never stopped caring she's been there since day one!! And at the end of the day that's what counts to me!!!! So thank you Jessica for everything for being a friend for my gifts for making me blog this list goes on lol! So because of her you know I am going to have some posts coming up with all the goodies she sent me!
Hope you enjoyed this post an don't forget to follow her blog and comment too she posts often unlike me lol!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Picture Haul!!

Hey lovelies
Happy Tuesday
Well this past weekend was my birthday :) I was so grateful for all the birthday wishes I received from my twitter and IG fam and blogger fam too!!!❤
I'm not one to want to celebrate my birthday it just isn't my thing I'll do dinner or something SMALL but not a big over the top party where I'm the center of attention.... Despite my wishes my sister decided to have a little dinner for me.... I just didn't feel comfortable and I got upset at one of the persons who attended... It's always one who has to fuck up your day... Even though I wanted to cry my eyes out till i couldn't any more, I kept it together somewhat and just wanted to do food cake and be done with it.
Here's a pic of my cake:)

I feel bad or not taking pictures but I didn't intend on being in a pissy mood so that threw me off as far as picture and my whole attitude... Sucks because I really wanted to share with you all a little something of my life with you.. I'm a very private person i dont say a lot on here I keep it strictly about beauty things if it's not a tag haha. So I guess I have to try harder next time or.... Come at you with more posts!!! Here are the majority of gifts I received it looks like the drugstore beauty section threw up!!!:D I loveeeeeeedddd it!!!

Especially the surprise I received in the mail from my sissy face Jessica!!!! She sent me something in the mail, told me the day of my birthday to go check my po box and i was like OMGOSh!!!! Then she had these rules I had to follow get package come home read her blogpost then open it LOL it was so funny it was a birthday adventure! Here is the stuff the sent me!!!

Isn't it amazing?! Thank you Jessica again best gift ever it meant a lot to me that you thought of me and sent me something!! She send me so much love twitter IG text gift email lol you name it she sent me a birthday wish on shes so freaking cute!!!

(keep a look out on another post this week for the goodies my sissy face sent me)

I barely l managed to try out and look at my stuff sunday night I was just drained from the week before I guess I wasn't really up to anything except for finishing up the second book of the fifty shades series!!! So with new stuff added to my collection for sure ill be doing nail posts and some reviews here and there. I can't promise makeup looks because once again my face is starting to break out.:( I hate it!!
This was early birthday gift from my brother he gave me money so i had to pick up this bad boy after seeing it on blanca's blog Kat von D liquid lipstick in "Backstage Bambi" Check out blanca's blog it looks soo much prettier on her :)

So how did you all spend the weekend ? Lemme know!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haul Time Again!

Another haul! I usually do my bargain shopping on the weekends.Some of these products were suppose to be included in my last haul, because the beauty supply store I went to I had been trying to track it down since last weekend. This beauty supply store has some great finds it carries nyx products which is rare in the ones ive hit up.

Things I picked up:
Dotting tool (FINALLY)
L.A. Girl black light nail polish disco brites- Funkadelic
Nyx Lip Liner Pencil- Pinky
Gabriella auto eye and lip liner in white and red
Ruby Kisses Brow Polish in the shade shimmering blonde (keep a look out for a dupe alert post)

I also went to a ..99 cent only store just to browse and didnt really find anything but the tinkle eyebrow shavers. As I stood in line to pay, I looked behind me just to be nosey on what the lady behind me picked up.. it pays to be nosy ladies!! She had some sally hansen nail polishes and nail pens! My eye balls probably fell out off because I was like OMGEEE! I asked her where she found them and she told me the aisle number. SCORE!!! SO i paid for my stuff since I was next in line and back to the aisles I went!! haha! I found them hidden but they were there Sally Hansen polishes and these pens. I didn't feel I needed the polishes since there was only like 4 shades and I already have one of them and two similar to the other shades. But those pens I just had to try!!!! There was only two shades Silver Chrome and Fuchsia Chrome. I wanted to grab several but I think the worse of things and thought maybe some would be dried out so I played it safe with just picked up two.
Hope you enjoyed the goodies I shared with you all hopefully this means more nails posts, and reviews!!! thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5 minute makeup challenge

Hey lovelies so I have been wanting to post this but never got around to it. I've seen the 5 minute makeup challenge on YouTube for some time and I decided to try it and do a blog post. I've attempted it several times and got under 5 minutes but the last time it tried it I got 5:00:04 :(
What I used
Physicians formula tinted moisturizer
Milani powder foundation
Maybelline concealer
Sephora eye primer
NYC city curls mascara
Elf cream eyeliner
Mac eyeliner in engraved <---waterline
Mac browset in girlboy
Lancôme color design lipstick fashion icon
Elizabeth Arden palette
Blue paint brush to apply cream liner
Revlon eyeshadow brush
Eco tools to apply milani powder

I put everything in front of me so i wouldn't waste time digging out products from my makeup bag :)
It was definitely a task but really fun to do.
I started out with the moisturizer then used concealer for my under eyes and blemishes. Applied browset to my brows. Then I moved to the eyes
Primed my lids

I cant really remember what colors I used for the lid, but it was a light sweep of the two most use colors colors with the matte brown softy blended in the outer v applied the cream eye liner, then applied liner on my waterline with the Mac pencil.
The lipstick is a shimmery burgundy shade you have to add more layers to intensify your lips but I wasn't going for that I wanted it soft and sheer with a bit of shimmer.

I went back to apply Milani face power to set my moisturizer. And finished off with applying some mascara :)
And viola!

I should've taken a before pic at least but I was cut on time I sorta forgot haha!
Hope you enjoyed this post lemme see your 5 minute makeup face.... Try it it's fun;)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Funky fresh babyyy! Notd

Hey lovelies decided I jump on a do a post I'm tired of saying little lol I just try to jump on here as much and fast as I can to give you some reading material or some great cheap products I encounter.
I picked up this LA girl black light nail polish disco brites in the shade FUNKADELIC for .99 cents at a local beauty supply store.
It's a really fun blue, so far I'm liking it with two coats I was set, I also used the Seche Vite top coat.