Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I thought I'd share this recent find of mind because I recently discovered she made tutorials on youtube. Her name is Marina aka GlamTrashMUA

I just love everything about her brows! After watching her brow tutorial I feel like my brows are slowly becoming my friends again.. at least once a month I grow my brows out I am never satisfied with them!! (im crazy I know) Thanks to instagram I found these amazing brows and i'd figure id share the wealth. Because all we really want is to have those brows that make your worst enemy say DDAAAAYYYYYUUUM! Kidding...I think!! Hope you enjoy this short post and show some love to her youtube channel.:)
Thanks for reading!

GlamtrashMUA youtube Channel


  1. Beautiful!! I do the same as well.. letthe brows bush for a few weeks aha, luckily they grow so full :)

  2. her freaken eye brows are goooorgeous!!! n makeup too! :) i letting mines grow, so we'll see if i use her as my goal eye brows! lol

  3. All I can say is wow! Good eyebrows need practice. Lots and lots of practice. I'm so bad at it. Awpoo!

  4. I deff wish I had me some amazing none makeup full eyebrows. I have super thin ones,