Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haul Time Again!

Another haul! I usually do my bargain shopping on the weekends.Some of these products were suppose to be included in my last haul, because the beauty supply store I went to I had been trying to track it down since last weekend. This beauty supply store has some great finds it carries nyx products which is rare in the ones ive hit up.

Things I picked up:
Dotting tool (FINALLY)
L.A. Girl black light nail polish disco brites- Funkadelic
Nyx Lip Liner Pencil- Pinky
Gabriella auto eye and lip liner in white and red
Ruby Kisses Brow Polish in the shade shimmering blonde (keep a look out for a dupe alert post)

I also went to a ..99 cent only store just to browse and didnt really find anything but the tinkle eyebrow shavers. As I stood in line to pay, I looked behind me just to be nosey on what the lady behind me picked up.. it pays to be nosy ladies!! She had some sally hansen nail polishes and nail pens! My eye balls probably fell out off because I was like OMGEEE! I asked her where she found them and she told me the aisle number. SCORE!!! SO i paid for my stuff since I was next in line and back to the aisles I went!! haha! I found them hidden but they were there Sally Hansen polishes and these pens. I didn't feel I needed the polishes since there was only like 4 shades and I already have one of them and two similar to the other shades. But those pens I just had to try!!!! There was only two shades Silver Chrome and Fuchsia Chrome. I wanted to grab several but I think the worse of things and thought maybe some would be dried out so I played it safe with just picked up two.
Hope you enjoyed the goodies I shared with you all hopefully this means more nails posts, and reviews!!! thanks for reading!


  1. Omg omg omg dotting tool!!!! Yaaay nail posts to come I cannot wait! Wahoooooooooooooooooo.... so is this gonna b everyday? Every other day? Wats r schedule look like? Haha luv yaay buttmunch! A new post wow I think its gonna storm in this heat lol. Otays bye bye lil booger I want another mama I told u!!

  2. omg you get the tinckle eye brow razors too???!! i freaken love those!! thats the only thing i use to shape my brows!!!! :) love the post woman!!!!!!

  3. bee its almost your bday =D
    ok.. let me know how u like the pens, ive always wanted to try them, but i dnt want to spend all that money lol tell me if its worth it

  4. Sometimes I ask other women about things they wear too, it's usually about perfume.
    I saw on Jessica's blog that it's your birthday, so I came to wish you 'Happy Birthday'.
    I am a new follower, I hope you visit my blog too and follow if you like.

    1. Thankyou DEMI i really appreciate it definitely going to check out your blog:)