Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angelina Jersey Shore

Well not to sure on what to label this post since home-girl isn't part of the cast anymore.;) But when she appeared on the show I just could not keep my eyes off her brows. I am one who instead of people watching I eyebrow watch ha! Her brow shape doesn't seem to have much angle its just kind of straight. Plus its kind of bushy where they start. Which doesn't make them look too great. In MY opinion her brows don't need to be filled in, not sure if she does since her brows look super dark. Trust me when your brows are not at their best the last thing you need is to draw more attention to them. In her case it has to do with her makeup that makes her brows stand out.

Without makeup her brows aren't as bad.

All in all her only little problem is the shape, she has the Jenelle Shape (If you watch teen mom..yeah that one!) Dark brows are hard to work with you can't fill them in unless you do it LIGHTLY and if it's really needed. I have dark brows and I barley discovered I was capable of doing it. No matter how dark your brows are what boils down to is the shape.

Shape Shape Shape. They don't even have to be twins;) Only a freak like me yearns for mines to be twins. You will see in future posts even though brows are not twins or too dark or too light. What it's all about is how you work them brows honey!



  1. hehehehe I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! and yes her brows aint doing anything for her they have no shape. they just blahhhh

  2. Thanks Runnie!<3 And blah is the word. La loca Angelina lol X0

  3. LOL... your so right! Brows are so important since they say they are the frame to the face. THats why we are such brow freaks! LOL!