Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brow Addicts Stop Here!

Hello and welcome to my blog. As you can see this blog is going to consist of..Eyebrows!!
A few weeks ago I came across a blogger whose brows I fell in love with! I am a sucker for brows and to my surprise this blogger was too! I cannot believe till this day that there is someone else in this world that obsess over their brows like me. Which got me thinking... how many other people are like us too? That's when the idea came to me to create this blog! This can be your one stop site to view a variety of different eyebrows styles thin thick, sisters, twins and cousins too. I don't care how the quote goes "Eyebrows are sisters not twins." Being the eyebrow freak that I am I have seen many twins, online, real life, wherever. This blog is the perfect drug for eyebrow addicts who need their fix LOL! Hopefully you enjoy it and come back for more:)
*Please bear with me as I will be doing a few tweaks here and there.*

1 comment:

  1. haha i love this blog its great i so feel u in the whole eyebrows addictions! i love them too!