Monday, April 11, 2011

Kate Middlwahhh?

So I don't know what age group you are in, But the royal family as of late is all I hear. The big day is approaching for Kate Middleton and Prince William. And I don't want to sound ugly but I am super anxious for the big day!
I am curious as to how the makeup is going to look and if someone is going to fill in her brows. It seems as if her brow hairs on the outer arch grows lighter.
And if she fills them in why isn't that particular part filled in? From afar at times her brows look nice they are thick but they work for her face. But other times like close up pictures, they don't look so hot

I don't think that part could be removed(maybe a just a little if any), the shape should be tweaked a bit and definitely filled in. I guess when you have that stunning piece on your ring finger it draws attention away from your face:P
But on a seriously note, I hope they (MUA) do not forget the brows that day and remember to include them while doing her makeup. I would be so happy because I know she will make an amazing bride and it will make her face more complete. Well in the eyes of an eyebrow freak that is..

*A quote I came across on another blog thought id share*
"Did someone not notice her eyebrows?! A big pet peeve of mine is forgotten eyebrows. Not grooming your brows is like not combing your hair." -makeupbeautyfull

We love you Kate but we love eyebrows even more!<3 xoxo

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