Monday, April 11, 2011

This Gucci's on point! (eyebrow tutorial added)

Well what can I say about this girl right here?!?!! She goes by Gucci, and seriously I just enjoy reading her Blog and looking at her brows.. I'm obsessed ha! She's had them thin and thick but Gucci here is blessed

She can rock the hell outta both in my opinion! Not too many can do that like for me me! And in all her posts that include pictures of her,her brows are on POINT! They're just simply flawless!

Shes one of those girls where no matter what shape you create they will always look awesome. Her brows fall in that twins category! If you fail to disagree you know she comes pretty close to twins c'mon!
Did I forget to mention how much I love her arch it's placed perfectly. Thick or thin I think I'll always be obsessed with her brows GUCCI tell us your secret! LOL She has a blog and youtube, so I recommend if you're feening for more check out some of her videos;)


Wanna know Gucci's super secret products??.... Click the link down below! ;)


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  1. OMG i have to agree with you here!! Love her eye brows... what i would give!! lol