Monday, July 18, 2011

Not your typical eye brow post!

I decided to write this post just to give my awesome followers an explanation of my absence. I was unsure on how often to post how to post either one person @ a time or an eyebrow collage! haha. While that was simmering in my for me got hectic. These past two months have been poo!! And these past two weeks seemed so long. I lost two family members days apart from each other. The hard part was that I didn't know them personally I just knew of them:? that was definitely harder to handle than I thought. Then school started back up. And just one thing piled onto another. I have been so miserable I guess it was because my days were very different than my normal routine. The leisure time I have to myself I usually read blogs tweet youtube and most importantly my tv shows!!! I am a huge tv freak!! And I didn't have the time to do any of that so I was a pissy patty for awhile i'm not going to lie. But I read a post today that made me think. Blogging and eyebrows are things I like to do. I realized I need to push myself more to do that. With that being said I'm hoping to have another post up by the end of the week:)
Hope you stick around and enjoy the ride.

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  1. I'll b waiting hunni pie ;) glad ur fineally back hehe