Monday, July 18, 2011

The Prince of BROWS!

I'd like you to meet PARIS!

WOW! Paris has me hypnotized with his brows! They look like twins to me and they are just so damn gorgeous! I'm not much into youtube any more because I don't have the time I used to, but let me tell you EVERY time he pops up into my subscription box (or twitter) I make time to watch his videos just to take a peek at his brows. CALL me an eyebrow perv LMAO! But I don't care you know you do it too, why would you be reading this post if you weren't obsessed?;) I watch not only because I enjoy his personality and energy he gives off from his videos, I just love how he applies his makeup. If and when he decides an eyebrow one:P I would
be ecstatic! His brows would fall on the list of peoples eyebrows I want on myself what more could one ask for, his has the shape, the arch, they're twins and they are they're slightly thick. I know I have stated before I don't like thick brows on me but when the good outweighs the bad, Ill take it. I don't have to tell Paris to keep rocking them brows cause he does that on the daily!!

*Dont forget to check out his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter*

*These pics are from his older videos, that just goes to show you how long I've been a fan of his brows!*

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