Saturday, July 30, 2011

Overdose: Mob Wives Edition

A few weeks ago season 1 of Mob Wives ended. I was hooked on this show I knew i wanted to make a post of the lovely ladies I intend on making this post the week the reunion aired but I simply couldn't find the time to do so. So here it is, a wee bit late its here:)
Carla Facciolo

Well what can I say about these warlocks right here. To me they are beyond thick! The only thing I can say that they can be twins (not identical)..thick twins but TWINS! I like the shape from the arch to the end, not so much how they start. What I can give her props for is that her eyebrows are indeed a very beautiful, natural shape. But the thickness of them are a just not for me!

Renee Graziano

It is kind of hard to get a glimpse of these bad boys right here, being that Renee has bangs. They are thick as well but not as much as Carla's brows. The arch is just like POW! they could be twins at times but I'm not sure, I'll let you decide.

Drita D'vanzo

I don't know what it is about Drita's brows but I just love them for her!! Maybe because of her personality they fit her. I love her eyebrows most when she's heated! Lol They are thin, and the length is pretty long. Her brows are beautiful sisters they just go so well together. If I had sisters like hers I doubt I would have an eyebrow addiction. HA!

Karen Gravano

Karen's brows I would have to say are my least favorite of the cast. I don't enjoy the shape very much the thickness is okay because they are just right. Not too thick not too thin. But these sisters could use a new shape or a tiny makeover.

Hopefully you are hooked to this show because there is going to be a SEASON 2 of #MobWIves !!! And you can get your eyebrow fix when it premieres....OR if you have an itch after reading this post, you might have to re watch season 1 in the meantime:)


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