Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teen Mom

Hello all!! I made it a must that I would post this week, hopefully I can get some drafts lined up so I can post weekly.:)
If you haven't noticed by now I am a reality junkie! Today's post is on
MTV's Teen Mom.


With Amber I am not sure if its her pretty eyes that throw off her brows but her brows are blah!! They start too far from her nose and seem kind of short. Obviously she fills them in but she should go a shade lighter because she is fair skinned and well bold browslook cute on some people!! But just wher they start is annoying. They could be twins they could be sisters but these siblings are just not cute...:/


I like the length and especially where they start but these are definitely sisters the shape is cute, but definitely a shape I would not personally want.


Catelynn's are very short and start like Amber's too! Shes not really big on filling them in and honestly (coming from the mouth of an eyebrow freak) her brows don't bother me all that much they way Amber's bother me. They are sisters. As for the shape eh could be better but like I said it don't bother me..Hopefully after this post I wont have to come back or even tweet that Catelynn's brows irritate me haha!


What I enjoy about her brows is that sometimes you can't see them because they are very light! They look okay as far as the shape goes, sisters I would have to call them because its hard to get a good view of them.

Now its your turn, whose brows do you love or hate. Do you agree each of these lovely ladies are packing some sisters or you think something else? Let me know id love to hear your opinion!


  1. All they eyebrows r horrible I think they step sisters!!! Lol.. ud think with the money they get they would pay to get um dne right. Uck!!

  2. I don't like any of them either!! I hate Amber's...not a cute shape at all "/

  3. LOL STEP SISTERS i should have used that! I know w the paper they stacking come on mtv get them on the ball lol! Thank you ladies for reading and commenting xoxoxoxo

  4. hey bunny poo!!! love your new posts!!! i used to love teen mom, but not anymore, i think the fame has gotten to their heads! lol... but farrahs brows are pretty nice! lol

  5. Urgh, I hate all their brows! *smh* ... they need to do something!!! The best of the worst are Farrah's ... but the rest of them need brow-boot-camp.