Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brow Post: RissRose2

I've had this sitting in my drafts for the longest time, but I knew I was going to post it around this time. Since its the time to give thanks why not thank the one person whose videos introduced me to the YouTube beauty community?!
When I discovered the beauty community on youtube back in 2008 I was searching eyebrow shaping videos.
I came across michellephan first and while watching it, Marissa's tropical look popped up on the side bar and I clicked it and as I watching it I was like whoa her brows are pretty dope!
And this RissRose2 girl is talented I can learn a thing or two!! I was going to comment on how I liked her brows but I was too nervous at the time (I was still in the closet with my eyebrow addiction) but I later told her how much I love them.
Even she knows how I throw eyebrows compliments at her till this day! haha!
I support and am thankful for RissRose2, because if it wasn't for that video I don't think I would have been so drawn into the beauty community. She made my experience awesome because she is one of the original/realest gurus in the youtube game and has never changed who she is. Over time I have stopped watching certain gurus and she's one of the very few whom I still watch today. I have made great friends online throughout the beauty community and I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for her.
So THANK YOU Marissa!:D

Marissa's brows have always been popping! I think twins run in her blood because she has twin girls and her eyebrows are twinnies too!
Her eyebrows look thick but at times they look thin. I think that's why I love them. The shape arch everything is perfect, she even has dark brows and she fills them them and they don't ever look harsh or too bold for her face.
What do you think? Do you enjoy her brows as much as me? Don't lie;)

What guru or blogger are you thankful for?
Who introduced you to the online beauty community?
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all and thank you for reading.
Closing this post #rissrose2 style (sort of)



  1. I first got introduced by watching Dulce Candy & i then discovered Rissrose2!! I love her!!!! But anyhow my fav youtube guru right now is ItsJudyTime, I love her vlogs... you too Rissrose2 Beats of an Mc!!

  2. awwww you are too sweet!!! i love her brows!! guess what, i had mines grown out pretty good, and freaken razor, i went over board and they're thin again!!! damn!! lol

  3. I love rissrose! shes just real with it lol I was first introduced to youtube by dulcecandy as well. When I found the beauty community I felt right at home because finally i could relate to girls who have the same love for beauty and fashion as I do :) its a whole nother world for me haha

  4. I first started watching Dulce and like lee I'm sooo into Judy rt now her blogs r thee best!!.. hope Marissa keeps up with hers n adds more twin cam too cute hehe

  5. I Started w Michelle Phan then got obssessed w some random girls ((that I can't stand to watch now lol)) and the one that actually introduce me to the YT community was Andreas choice, yet bc of Marissa I met you and Benji ((which are the ONLY friends I've made lol ))
    Ok... I'm sure I didn't answer your Q's and I don't want to type anymore =P

  6. Hiiii!! I wanted to comment on this post because first, I have always been a big fan of eyebrows (they are the frame for your eyes) and eyes...second, Marissa is my daughter and when she was born, the first thing I thought about when I really took a good look at my beautiful baby girl was....Wow, she is gonna have some beautiful eyebrows!! Hahaha! Happy Holidays!!