Thursday, December 1, 2011

A dash of gold!

I decided to share this easy nail post because the other day I was trying to use my gold glitter nail polish called "all about you" It has been sitting collecting dust because I have not used it at all. So being that I had nirvana on my nails already I decided to paint over with the glitter and I was like ooooh! So today I knew I was going to paint them with the combo!
First apply 2-3 coats of nirvana let that dry. Then apply an even coat over nirvana using (all about you) and BAM!

Simple but so pretty what do you think?
I apologize in advance my pics aren't all that great i'm trying to be blogger status and make them nice;)


  1. Haha wth does blogger status mean? Aweeee I love this it looks nice on ur skintone. I like that the glitter isn't so bam!! In ur face it looks nice.... great job baby girl..

  2. love this combo!!!! and u give me hope that my short nails will look great if i paint them!! hehehe... very cute and it goes with the holidays!! xoxoxoxox

  3. I really like this combo a lot, it's toned down but still fun. It's not a in your face glitter.