Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a little advice...

Hello beautiful readers. Happy Monday I hope each and everyone of you have a great week. I wrote this small post to remind myself and you all that every one has those days that they over do something...I came across this blogger I want to say last week and I remember reading this post
Its a post that talks about the do's and don't of beauty which was from a magazine article. Peep it and comment and them come back..I MEAN IT..NOW! Well you should have read the post where it says that over-plucking is a DONT! Yeah I know that is a no no and I have been doing pretty good and not doing that until this weekend.... I went on a small road trip and I mistakenly packed tweezers in my makeup bag. I had no clue what this would lead to, needless to say.. umm yeah well once again I'm going to have to regrow these warlocks of brows I have.:( they are not thin to where you can't see them the shape is just so bunky!(translation uneven/horrible) With that being said I think a beauty a don't that should have been added to the list is DON'T PACK tweezers on a road trip!! SMH I had been doing great with not plucking or reshaping but I guess the empty calm quiet roads, I was able to hear the little tiny voice in my head that said "HEY you should clean up your eyebrows" NEVER NEVER listen to that damn voice shes EVIL!



  1. this is funny post. thanks for mentioning my link I appreciate it! :)XOXO, jyz