Saturday, August 27, 2011

PINK BROWS: Jazziebabycakes


Well this post has been sitting here so I'd figure I post it,these are the prettiest pinkiest (<--I know that's not a word) brows I have ever seen! Jazziebabycakes can totally pull them off! Ive tried yes, and well they were not so hot these were from awhile back I believe shes a brunette or has auburn hair now, but if you check out her youtube she has videos where she's rocking the pink brows some really amazing bright fun makeup tutorials...and even a video about her pink brows!! (link below) Do you love colored brows? Have you tried to sport colored brows? Let me know!? Pictures would be greatly appreciated... and you may just be featured;)

Pink Brows
I went ahead and attached another link but this one is brows for red hair.
Red Brows


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  1. I lvoe colored brows! :) mines are red right now :) to macth my newly redder hair. Lolz