Friday, September 16, 2011

A bit too BOLD! BGC

Hello all! I decided to do this quick post because this screen shot was sitting in toolbar LOL All you reality junkies should know who this fine little lady is..

If you don't know her, her name is Judi! She is on the current season of the Bad Girls Club: New Orleans! Aside on my feelings of her...(read my tweets and you'll know) I CANNOT stand her eyebrows! Like what color shade of black does she use on them....Engraved Eye Pencil by MAC? I just peeped her facebook (Judi Jai) page and she hasn't always filled them in with charcoal.. Who knows maybe shes using a dark brown or just has a heavy hand when filling them in. I guess because she is fair skinned they look so harsh. Bottom line they are a no no in my book im not a fan of bold (sister-ish) brows on just anybody myself included! And if you look her up on facebook her brows are much more tolerable and better unfilled way before the bad girls club!

What are your thoughts on this bad girl? Be honest I know I'm not the only crazy one here LOL.



  1. wow she looks so much better natural... she needs to stop with filling those brows in... ;-)

  2. I agree w u.. its wayy too dark but i'm still not in love w her natural brows.. besides the color I think her brows are decent :)

  3. Not a fan of her eye brows, or her face!! lol.... guess what? im letting mines grow, so they all hairy! lol...miss you buns!