Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Almay Pure Blends Foundation

Well I wanted to review about this foundation or whatever it's called because I was disappointed with it recently I purchased this last month at walgreens it was on sale for $2.59. That's the only time I purchase drugstore foundations is when they are on sale for a really low price haha. This was working for me okay for a while up until this week. The consistency is pretty watery/liquidy but it gives me great coverage, it has a clay smell to it I got use to it after a few times. You have to shake it before each use and that's where I went wrong... I squeeze the product on a flat surface rather than the back of my hand because I stipple it on using a stippling brush. Well I forgot to shake it and all the water(I think) came out when I squeezed it out on a flat surface. I didn't think nothing of it so I just cleaned it off and shook the product and then put some on a flat surface to apply it to my face. BAD IDEA after my foundation application my face looked so OILY it was yuck! (I have dry skin) I don't plan on using this foundation again mainly because I know what every ingredients that came came out prior to me shaking it, is why the product turned to crap. I am still looking for a good drugstore foundation/tinted moisturizer for a decent price I already have a high end drugstore (REVLON is my all time favorite) I will keep you updated on my findings good or bad.
Have you tried this product I'm curious how it worked for you. Shoot me a comment down below :)


  1. EWww that sounds very grose lol. I do like almay though I use the nearly naked flawless and weightless one I love it ;)

  2. have you tried mixing one of your regular foundations with your face moisturizer? or are you looking for just one product that'll do the job? that's the only thing close to a TM i've used and it worked out fine.

  3. Every time I purchase a drugstore foundation I get the wrong shade so lets say I dont use own one but I'm in the hunt for one as well..