Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos

Here we are another review!! This time eh not a good or on my end at least. I don't like posting bad reviews but I would feel even worse if I don't share.. There has been so much hype with these new tattoos I had I give them a try.. I thought I was playing it safe and I went with the white one which is a shimmery side. I tried to love it I really did but we were just not the best match. It dries super fast so its hard to work with as far as applying your shadows after. It creased on me no matter how less of product I would apply.:( My elf primer lasts longer than this! (which is not way less than eight hours. I was really disappointed since I'm probably the only one in the blogger universe who isn't a fan of these tattoos I'm currently trying another shade "tough as taupe" lets see how that one works for me but as far as me I think you should pass on these or just purchase one! I'm so glad I didn't have the opportunity to purchase more at a time.. Since the rack once again had only two shades! Some more background information on me, My eyelids nor do I have oily skin much less oily eyelids.. so I don't know what went wrong to cause it to crease on me or look oily (YUCK)
Update: I tried the "tough as taupe" shade I did enjoy it way more than the white one.. not to the point where I use it everyday though.

SO as of right now the verdict on my end is EHHH Pass these babies up:) But its all up to you.. I don't regret purchasing them because I would have never known how i'd feel about them. Have you tried these? Which are your favorites shades?
I know many of you like these so I'm not going to ask you all if you love them:P

Thanks for reading


  1. I hate um haha not my type of m.u I'm so glade I didn't waste my dinero on these thnx for ur honest review small potatooooooooooooo

  2. thanks for sharing this review doll!!!! looks like we both r catching up with blogging! lol

  3. I must admit, the White wasn't my fav ... but the Taupe made me LOVE this product. It really sucks that you didn't like it but it's nice to see an honest review =) ... let us know what you think of the Taupe when you try it out a little more xoxoxo