Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Lately I have been giving into the hype of products that people constantly rave about in the beauty community. So I decided to try the revlon lip butters I purchased them a little over a month ago and it took two trips to Walmart because there was only one lip butter on display each time haha!
I only purchased two creme brûlée and sugar frosting both sheer shades. I only wanted to try them because I needed something for my chapped lips I am very cautious when wearing bold lips but after more hype from my favorite hype man (woman) RissRose2 she mentioned a shade in one of her BMC videos #15 i believe.. so I went out on the hunt for it unfortunately I had no luck finding it but I did get another one in the color "lollipop!" Which i'm really enjoying.. I find myself actually reaching for it just to make my lips pop and stand out

It took me awhile to actually like the other two.. I just didn't see them working for my lips.. I thought I was going to have to throw them in the never purchase again bin. But I insisted to keep trying them. And after two weeks I really started to love them.. I am at the point where I want to try more shades but ones that have a tint to them.. With that being said I give these babies two thumbs up!! You should get on the boat before you drown..(kidding) :D

As always Thanks for reading and let me know your favorite lip butters!!:)


  1. haha shit i think im drowning!! ive passed these up so many times my target actually always has them in stock all colors. but eh lol i have soooo many lipsticks i cant pull myself up on the boat n pay 8-9 bucks for one of these.. i luv u friend i think ima drown on this one ehehehee..

  2. I had no idea what these lip butters were but looking at the swatches they are very nice!

  3. i bought two. buy one get one half off. i thought they were expensive.but i like the lollipop one too makes my lips pretty. but i hav really dry lips so cnt wear these all the time. good post

  4. I miss you!!! im so happy to see your name on my comments!!! lol i thought you were playing favoritism with jess! hehehe... xoxoxoxo good bloggin! ;)

  5. I own 4 .. 3 that I Love and 1 not so much.. Naah mean gurl frend?? anyways! I saw this post the very day u posted it but I'm back to make sure I'm not a robot