Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mini Haul: Sinful Colors Nail Polishes

Just thought I'd share with you all my latest nail polish finds. I want to say the week of valentines day Walgreen's had Sinful Colors Nail Polishes on sale for .99!! I try to hit up these sales mainly because to add to my collection, and because I love this brand so much especially the shades..Every time I purchase new ones I become obsessed with the shade for weeks at a time.
At the moment I have Folly on my toes and GO GO Girl on my nails. A few days ago and the one is the one i'm absolutely obsessed with is DAREDEVIL! This color looks too freaking cute one me (Cocky much?) haha! I do plan on doing a NOTW post using this shade once my nails are all the same length..What are your latest finds from sinful colors or any other brand?? Link me if you have a post i'd love to add more colors to my collection:)

Thanks for reading


  1. love those colors!!! I have not bought a nail polishes in forever!!! :)

  2. gorgeous colors dollface.. u better enter my wnw birthday giveaway theirs more gorgeous colors for u to check out n possibly win.. not sure when ill do myh sinful polish giveaway but yea. hehe cant wait to see ur notw u should do that more on ur bloggy!!!!!!

  3. btw im proud to see more then 1 post from u in a month hehe

  4. oh n a almost forgot i need ur help lmao text me when ever u get this :)

  5. p.s.s.s.s.s lmao cant wait for u to go to the apple store hehe u better kik me when u do