Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Favorites

(I apologize not the best post misplaced my bb cream and misplaced my memory cards for my camera a few days ago.)

April just came and went in the blink of an eye!
I am going to try to start up again with my monthly favorites.
first off lets go with garnier's bb cream!

When it first came out I totally wanted to try and see if it was worth the hype.. needless to say it is.. perfect coverage and very light weight. I pair this baby up with milani powder foundation in 03 natural just a light swipe over the face to set the bb cream and im done!!

My skin has been out of whack these past few weeks I think its due to stress. My face has never been so yucky ever I hate it>_< I think I may have to start seeing a dermatologist again to fix this problem. I think I make it worse because there are days that I want to apply bronzer and I know well that I cant. It never fails when I use bronzer I immediately break out I don't know what ingredient that is in the bronzer that breaks out my face. I can apply the smallest amount and bam in two days its a bumpy road where I applied the bronzer... so for skin care i need some suggestions:) I appreciate the feed back.

I have been into greens and teals on my lower lash line.

I just like that tiny pop of color! :) MAC's humid and this teal one from the mac duo are just so beautiful.

for swatches of the teal one check out Temptalia's Website

The next thing one the list is the jenni rivera palette!!!

Ever since I got this baby I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and do different looks! I guess the colors in this palette are so pretty you literally make yourself wanna try them!

I wanted to get this post of wanted to be a woman of my word;) it is not all that great but its a little something this blogging seems new to me... I promise I will get better and blog when after i get some sleep...currently running on two hours of sleep.
hope you enjoy!


  1. Second attempt at commenting! -.-

    I was about to pick up the bn cream but I wasn't all that sure bc it seemed sheer and I need something to cake up my face lol thanks for the mini review my been been! U should show some eye looks w the Rivera palette :D

  2. I've been wanting that Jenni Rivera palette, after i saw i think rissrose do a review on it i really liked it.

  3. Awesome Im glad to see a post from you in my dashboard. I wanna try the Jenny Rivera palette. and I absolutely love Mac's Humid

  4. omg omg omg could it b???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? sorry i passed out omg hii boo welcome welcome its glad to have u back here on blogger. yes i love the idea of you posting blogs daily. oh and yess n.o.t.d and e.o.t.d sound like a great idea im so excited for your post tomorrow!!!!!! see you then love u..

    oh love ur favorites now i need the jenni pallete thanks!

  5. hey gorgeous!!!!!! your sooooo funny!! i read all your answers!! lol... small trucks huh? nasty nasty!! lmao!!! :) so happy to see your comments and posts!!!! and dont worry we shall meet you before we die!! :) love ya!!!

  6. i love that mac duo! the colors are amazing!!!