Friday, May 25, 2012

Mini haul

Hey lovelies, another quick post I had another one in mind but haven't had time to write it up I promised I was gonna post today so here is a quick little haul.
From target I picked up the Almay liquid foundation and concealer. Regular price it comes out to like 17-18 bucks and the deal was 14.29 butI got it on clearence for 7.14!! I I've been wanting to try the concealer but as much as I tried I couldn't resist this deal!!! Expect a review in a few weeks;)
I also went to dollar tree kinda bummed out because this location didn't have too much to choose from. I only found this Sally Hansen nail polish and the sun glasses too! Im a sunglasses freak I always misplace them I have like three pairs and can only find one at the moment!
Hopefully you enjoyed this see you soon!!!


  1. I wanna try Almay dnt go this dark (I think so lol).. See u next time

  2. great lil baby haul hunny pie bear!!!! the polish is super fab

  3. love the glasses! i am exactly the same way always misplacing or loosing them! hehehe i love to have cheap ones cuz of that!