Monday, May 21, 2012

#NOTD GoGo girls say what?

Happy Monday lovelies!!!!!
I cant believe im slowly but surely getting back to my blogging grind yay!
Today's post is going to be a short one I am so excited because im trying my best not to bite or pick at my nails i want them to be long again. So I redid my nails the weekend the colors are beautiful i didn't do the best job but its okay because tomorrow more than likely they will be another color! I still decided to snap a few pics to share, not the best quality bc my lighting is whacky.

Ive been realy into red lately, red lips and now red nails! haha!

Sinful Colors- GoGo Girl, & Revlon metallic nail polish-Gold Coin
Hope you enjoyed this small post! HAve a great week!!


  1. i doo i doo!!! well kinda i dont like red as you know! but i do like another post from u hehe.. gorgeous mix boo

  2. Red is so pretty on you my bee bee... Btw, I see a foot lol (nosey) glad u got your blogging' mojo back!

  3. i love this!!!!! dont mind jess and her red haterness!! lol... :) i love red polish, red lips? still working on that!!!! so happy to see your posting more!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo ♥

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  5. It must be in the water because the redness is moving in on me too girl! red lips-- the whole sha-bang. i've done my nails deep red, i'm a brunette who just lightened her hair and i never thought red lips would work on me however one night i gave it a shot && i've never recieved more compliments!!

    dare to be beautiful--red is exactly the way to do it. such a daring color don't you think?

    xox rica