Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little something from a special somebody!

Hey lovelies here is the post as promised.
I received it on my birthday!! I had to go pick it up at post office. So of course Jessica had me follow these specific instructions which was an adventure for me.
Pick up package
Go home
Read blog post
then open my package/gift

I was soo impatient but I knew I had to follow directions before I get slapped lol
I didn't know she had sent me something till the actual day, and because she had to tell me go check your mail lady!!!! Lol

Here is the inside of the card in case you were wondering LOL

NYC Mattifying top coat- Matte Me Crazy
Sinful Colors in unicorn(yellow)and HD Nails (green)

ELF Glitter gloss- golden glitz

Shamballa Bracelet<3

Gold glitter bag
Hello kitty tissues (SO CUTE)
Nail goodies for nail art (fimo, file, striping tape)
Cross Key Chain
Bodycology body cream
Kabuki Brush that is AWESOME

I am so grateful for my sissy poo!
I loved everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and Jessica have really gotten close this year she's been there for me at my worst times especially with everything that's been happening with my mommy. It doesn't matter how many miles apart one can be what matters is that you're a friend no matter how far you are. She's been there when I was alone bc I felt I couldnt turn to anyone else! She's never stopped caring she's been there since day one!! And at the end of the day that's what counts to me!!!! So thank you Jessica for everything for being a friend for my gifts for making me blog this list goes on lol! So because of her you know I am going to have some posts coming up with all the goodies she sent me!
Hope you enjoyed this post an don't forget to follow her blog and comment too she posts often unlike me lol!



  1. Awe pooh bear I feel the same! Ur a knight owl so I can txt u at 1am n ull b there =) I love u boo boo.. thnx for saving me $$ by not having to by a ticket to go kick n slap u =) even though you cheated hahaaa thnx for another post!!! Wohoo now I gotta get on ayla she's slack in again! Hahaaa luv ya baby <-heheheheheeeeee

  2. hahahaha i am slacking hater!! lol... but its hard right sabrina!!!???? :) I love this post!!! I am so glad someone else can share the love that jessica gives!! She has such a big heart and shes the best!! We can share her!! your lucky i like you or i wouldnt share!! lmao jk.. love ur gift and i hope you had a great bday!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox mucho mucho besos!!