Thursday, June 28, 2012

NOTD Nails of the day... plus some of my favs.

So i posted this pic on ig a few days ago and I decided I wanted to share it with my readers.
This color is amazing its a bright barbie pink!!!
I find myself always reaching for this shade

it's such a beautiful color.

I have been really into these colors the past few months these are my most reached for colors. It's hard to do posts when it's going to be of the same colors lol!


  1. Preeeeeeeeeeeetttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! That hot pink looks really good on you <3

  2. wait are your nails growing?? does this mean more posts?? woooooohoooooooo hahaaa love the colors the orange ish one especially!! txt ya ina bit stalker

  3. nice nail polish picks! I really like the folly one by sinful colors. i gotta get that one the next time i see it.

  4. i love the folly one!! i am getting into colors like this!!! i have a color on right now thats kinda similar!! :) xoxoxox miss you!

  5. i am a huge fan of sinful colors myself! very cute colors, i own 2 of those colors haha. cute blog :)