Friday, December 7, 2012

Changing your eating habits..(2011)

You know how people constantly say its all about portion control. Funny thing it actually is!! Tho some fail to mention the process to train our brain and body to do so. For me I mentally made a list on what "I" needed to stay away from or limit my portions. Bread Tortillas TAkis Hot CHeetos Sugar So I admit I was a fast food junkie bad!!!!!! I still was but just cut my portions in half. (instead of 2 double cheeseburgers I'd eat one) instead of two tacos I'd eat one. I mainly did this with the bad unhealthy food even when i would eat at home. Sugar and sweets I cut those out completely no soda no candy. The only sweets I allowed myself to have were special k bars or my instant oatmeal for breakfast. Bread and tortillas were another thing I stayed away from. I also changed my breakfast habit I was never a breakfast person! My first meal of the day would be like a 2pm. I also ate salads more and increased my veggie intake a little. I remember eating a lot of tuna as well but with saltine crackers no bread. Like I mentioned before fast food was still apart of my life at that time but it was tough bc no one took me seriously and kind of made fun of me bc I would eat the inside of one taco and leave the tortilla and leave the bun of a burger. That was a huge test for me and I feel people around me not taking me seriously made me that much more determined to stick to my new eating habits. Mind you this was over a course of 2-2.5 months that i started this and I noticed results fast!
In mid January i was down about 20ish lbs and I honestly couldn't believe it. I finally had some kind of progress as far as dieting which was something I had never done! So I was like breads and sugary stuff is what contributed to me being a fat cow. So I kept that mentality. In mid January I decided to download an app on my ipod a calorie counter "myfitnesspal" It was sort of a game for me haha i would look up what foods i was about to and if it was too much calories i wouldnt eat it lol. that helped me for only lasted awhile now i only get on to update my weight bc it keeps track of that as well. CRAVINGS? When I would crave something I would give into my craving but only eat a portion of it. Like if and when i craved breads I would eat half of a bun or half of a slice of bread, or when I wanted a candy or something sweet I would eat half of it. What I learned from my failed diets in the past that if I deprived myself from something I would crash and fail because I wanted to eat something I told myself I wasn't. I wouldn't get cravings often but when I did I gave in to them. I still do this today. Im not perfect I go off track every now and then but the most I've gained back during these two years is 4 to 5 lbs.
But the most it will last is a week. Bc as soon as I change my eating habits I drop the lbs I gained. There was a few things I deprived myself from but only bc I knew I needed to. and that was French fries hot Cheetos!!!! Those were like the biggest things for me. I loved my hot Cheetos I ate them every day in my obese days lol! All that lasted for 2011. And all in one year I lost over 30 lbs. By eating better and exercising (not all hardcore tho) IN my next post ill share my eating habits for 2012 and split up the exercising into 2 posts.. fyi i didnt do hardcore workouts or drink diet pills this was all by eating differently.. I'm not saying this is the perfect plan but its been for me. I gradually changed my eating habits and slowly implemented a mini workout routine. Ive seen many many weightloss stories online and it personally at one time made me think mines wasn't as good enough as theirs thats why I took a long while to share my progress.. But every weightloss journey is a success because you are no longer the person you were when you started. So keep that in mind, it may take you longer or a shorter time to reach your goal or have some progress but dont give up. MOST of my biggest supports came from online!! ig twitter blogger.


  1. My husband tells me this all time, its all about portion control and I have to eat breakfast! We really dont eat out much but I need to get off my butt and exercise, I see how easily I can loose weight but its about making that change! You've done a great job.

  2. I love my breakfast... If I wake up at midday, I still have breakfast, it's a must in my day... And u know what, I'm not a fast food junkie and neither Do I eat much (((okay, occasionally I'm insatiable lol))) yet I gain wait very easily..