Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OVERDOSE! Bad Girl Edition

Well what a great time to make this post, if you follow the bad girls club this post is just for you!! The season just ended last night, BUT the reunion special is within these next 2 weeks. (just in case you need an extra glimpse of these warlocks.) I am going to try my best not judge their brows based on their character on the show...forgive me but this season was just insane!

NIKKI-Even though through most of the season her brows drove me up a wall, because they seemed short..but in the other shot where her brows obviously look filled in, they look a mess! Either whoever did her brows had a heavy hand or her brows are stepsisters. I enjoy her brows not filled in because "bro's" brows are not too great.

She looks like she dyed her hair so maybe that explains why her brows look darker. At first I thought it was the MUA decided to mess with these girls brows cause damnnn! Without her dark brows, Wilmarie's brows are really pretty and one of my favs on the show. Her brows could be sisters, pretty sisters!

CHAR- I enjoy the back half of her brows sooo much because they are thin. But where they begin not so much! They are like rectangles, she needs let them grow a bit lower(red dots) I just don't like where these sisters start.

ASHLEY- Her brows play tricks on me lol one day they look like twins and the next they're sisters.. I'm not going to break my head and figure it out. So we'll go with SISTERS! Her brows were my number one fav (before Wilamarie joined bgc) Even though they look EXTREMELY thick at times, the shape is gorgeous and it fits her face well.

JESSICA Her brows are sisters maybe even step sisters! Her brows didn't bother me much until seeing (middle pic). I guess either she's like Nikki, her brows do not look good filled in or the MUA is just heavy handed. They seem kind of thick for her face. I think!

Upon this post I hated hated her brows I assume because I disliked her so much I hadn't really seen her brows.. But in reality her brows are nice too(minus the goofy pic) they're pretty sisters and not dark at all they fit her well!

LAUREN/TUCKY- gosh where to start with "tucky" I cant even play the name game and blame it on somebody cause her brows were always a hot mess. Maybe she's the MUA behind the other bad girls fail brows HAHA! She has them so DARK its crazy. I don't think i ever had seen her without them "painted in". Her shape shape annoys me but the color even more I don't know I'm speechless with you tucky sorry Lauren!

SYDNEY- Her brows are definitely sisters. I like that they aren't so harsh on her and that red hair just makes them nice, not too much to say about her since she left early in the game.

JADE- Otra que left early super early I might add! Her eyebrows are sisters (step?) Idk I think her eyes draw less attention to her brows so it makes it harder to decide haha They're okay for having a thick shape.

KORI- Kori Kori Kori!!! I never paid any attention to how non-sisterly her brows are. I guess cause they are thin and not so DARK they don't draw too much attention.. leave it up to Lauren for that ha! But her brows don't look so noticeable since they are kind of short and she seems to have a small face!

Hope you enjoyed this post it was an overdose I admit it but if you're obsessed this is you brow fix for the day or week;)

*Images are not mine*

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