Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Reader? Could It Be?!

I just thought I'd make a little bitty post about thee recently married KATE MIDDLETON!!! Congrats to them, it was a gorgeous wedding if you have a TV you know it's been on for the last week. Okay well not the WHOLE week, but you get the point;) This is just to confirm that I did see her brows from the wedding and from the looks of it they looked pretty darn awesome!:) Filled in: CHECK! Cleaned/Trimmed: CHECK CHECK! Thank you eyebrow gods LOL. Maybe she read my blog and knew I had high hopes of them! You never know since I have hit 700 views!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PEEPING MY BLOG IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME EVERY SINGLE VIEW! I highly encourage you follow and talk to me let me know what you look for in eyebrows or what you think of my posts. Don't be chy I won't bite! I wont bore you with pictures of the wedding wedding since it's been all over TV and internet! Hope you enjoy these eyebrows shots.

Kate Post

Well...what do you think? Do you agree she stepped up her eyebrow game? I wanna know!

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