Monday, June 6, 2011

Jenni JWOWW! Jersey Shore

Season One

Hello there!!
Long time no see:P
If you don't know by now this is Jenni/JWOWW from MTV's Jersey Shore. I think I became intrigued with her brows the first season of jersey shore. they were so much darker than her hair color and they seem to always stand out.The shape did change from season 1 as you can see. I like them much more now because of the shape and the thickness of them (thicker from season 1) they still don't look thick at all which is a big plus in my book.

If your brows draw attention to your face, most of the time in a good way, your pretty much set lol, I judge a person by their eye brows, I'm not saying I constantly look for perfect twin brows but if you make your brows work then you're a star in my book!

FYI New Season of Jersey Shore starts in AUGUST!
Forgive my absence, I will continue to try and keep my blog updated:)


  1. Hey bff! I nominated you for an award!

    Its in my latest blog post!

  2. My my my Eyebrows are soo important, I couldn't agree more with you.. Jenni looks awesome now =)