Friday, October 28, 2011



What I enjoy most about Ms. Jarmaine's brows is that she fills or draws in her brows! And they are always fierce! Below I linked a video of how she does her brows you should definitely watch!? Her eyebrows are sisters but fabulous sisters it took me awhile because I thought they were twins. But I wouldn't mind having these sistas! The way she does them is a very good way to fill them in because they don't have that waxy/filled in look to them, they have that natural effect to them. Maybe its just me but I LOVE them! Check out her video it has half a million views on youtube!!! Phenomenal!!!



  1. Omg noooooo way! A new post from u today? Ayla doing a #ff you guys are gonna mke my water break!!!!!!!! Haha I love Jarmaine I met her n she's super sweet n hyper lol... her brows are very nice..

  2. I love her and her brow are always fierce. Glad to see you're posting Doll