Friday, October 28, 2011

Nicki Minaj is BANGING!

I came across a photo of Nicki Minaj a few weeks ago which got me thinking like HUH?

Has Nicki had bad brows this whole time. WAIT!! Before you try Nicki Fans try to beat me down..keep on reading then let me know if I might have to block you ;) According to my rather quick research thanks to Google, it seems like this may have been her first time with a brow malfunction. Granted I don't follow and have not seen every entire picture of her because I am not that big of a fan of I could be mistaken. I believe if she has had another one how would we ever know. Majority of the time Nicki uses wigs that have bangs!!

Very clever, I always joked about giving myself bangs to hide my brows because I have been to a point where I want to wax them off! But who knew full (long) bangs would actually solve the problem. Kudos to Ms. Minaj up until now she was never really a potential feature because I had never really caught a glance of hey eyebrows.

Bottom line Nicki's wigs work out for her even if its just to be in character. With that being said if you see my with bangs anytime soon you know why HAHA!!

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