Friday, September 23, 2011

The One and Only WiFeZiLLa!

Personally my Friday has not been too shabby...BUT thanks to Jessica she and today's feature put a smile on my face..
If you have not caught on.. brows make me happy...and brow tutorials even more! And Jessica retweeted this video via twitter. This fabulous girl has me in awe!
She goes by WiFeZiLLa HekeLa I mean I kinda wanna slap myself for not coming across her videos and twitter sooner. How amazing are her brows?! They make you wanna slap yo..(insert name here) LOL She even has a tutorial that was posted yesterday!
I mean what more can I ask for she needed to be on my blog! Her eye shape and eyebrows remind me SO much of this girl I went to high school with. I'll call her Stacy, well her brows and eye shape were so pretty but I admired them from a distance because she was one of those stuck up hoochie mama girls!! And I don't roll with that train..ANYWAYS I'm so glad WiFeziLLaHeKeLa came up on my timeline, I just had to share WiFeziLLaHeKeLa fabulousness with my readers/brow addicts;) Don't forget to check out her youtube and check out how she uses Adrell brow powder to fill them in. Have you used it what are you thoughts on it? Oh before I forget to mention don't you think her brows look absolutely perfect with out filling them in? She's blessed I tell you hehe.
Thanks for reading Enjoy your weekend lovelies!



  1. awww ur so sweet :) Im completely blushing right now, thank u for takin the time out of your day to write about me :) It really means a lot. Hey funny u mention stuck up girls..I was always "portrayed" as that girl lol. I was totally nice though and chicks never got the nerve to really give me a chance :(

  2. Omg I ALREADY LOOVE her!! That is so nice of you to showcase her she is really a jack of all trades makeup, cooking you name it. I watched the tutorial yesterday and she is really a REAL amazing woman with lots of talent.

  3. @wifezilla :D as soon as I watched your tutorial I just had to make a post on you! Aw im sorry to hear that, it's their lose though. Yeah there are some girls in hs who are portrayed in that way, I was the type to not judge and give people chances. But there were some girls when I was in hs who made me regret i gave them a chance :/ cant say i didnt try.
    thank you mama for reading and following <3

  4. @aggie602 I know I was reading her youtube channel while writing this post I love me gurus who have more than one talent beacause they keep you entertained all in one place HAHA
    thanks for reading :)

  5. I LOOOVE her brows! I was so happy when she posted a tutorial on how she does them!

  6. This is such an awseome site doll!! I honestly need to learn how to do my brows better. I mean I do them (when I dont get them done) but I get scared that Im going to screw them up. Especially with the plucking part. lol. I need you to come to my house and do my eyebrows!!!


  7. omg her brows are awesome!! i wanna slap myself for not having brows like that!! lol... im so hatting on them!!! :( but good news!! im letting mines grow out!! lol xoxoxox