Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trend ALERT?! Like seriously..

Okay this subject came up a few times in the past month I decided to make a post because the freak I am, I literally thought I was being punk'd or dreaming!? This trend was spotted at NYFW. It has been spotted before at different fashion shows and rumored before to trend. This time around I'm getting the feeling that this may become a trend indeed. Mind you they are many different styles of bold/strong brow looks. I'm not talking about your typical bold brows, I'm talking Judi bad girls club kind of BOLD but as a blonde! In a way it is kind of a good thing for moi, because it will give me some material for my blog HAHA! Together we can discuss what's appropriate and inappropriate based on our opinions. If you decide to rock this look or currently do, I'd love to hear from you.:)
I'm pretty sure there are some ways to tweak the trend and make it wearable but wearing them this dark...umm...All in all, bold brows are beautiful there are some celebrities even youtube beauty gurus who do the bold brow look and they look gorgeous. But when it comes to having the color of your brows ten times darker than your hair color. Um yes even if I stand alone, alone I shall stand, but I will have to absolutely positively object....and vote to add the trend of white eyebrow look for people who have black hair!

I'M JUST SAYING! That's a statement right there!!

Here are a few links about strong brows I checked out:
Beauty trend report

Thanks for reading.! X0

*Photos were not taken by me*


  1. oh no they didn't lol... not a good trend!! I'm with you doll!

  2. Hahaha i dont like it when my e/brows are not the same color/ almost the same. Color as the hair in my head.. Lolz

  3. Omggggg yuckers!!!!! Haha, I'd never do this its oglay =)

  4. Ewwwl hate it not a good trend at all like Mei I'm with u

  5. @Mei Mei :D im not alone yay!!
    @Jyz im the same way! :)
    @preggo you better not LOL
    @Runnie nope i thought it was just me being crazy lol

    thank you ladies!!! <3