Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey lovelies it's been forever! Ive fallen off the blogging train once again I have nothing to blog about... My nails were long but not all one length so i didnt wanna blog and get a comment about my uneven nails lol. Well this week they just started breaking so I'm back to stubby chubby fingers. :/
Don't really have anything to haul bc I havent really needed to buy anything beauty related, much less have extra dinero to spend so blahh. I can't leave the blogger world just yet even if I wanted to... Life just gets tough sometimes and blogging isn't always everyone's cup of tea.. Either you blog or read. I'm not a devoted blogger I don't think I ever acquired that trait. Lol 10/22/2012 Well from the lines up above you can tell that Ive attempted to blog just never bring myself to finish them and publish them I have 12 drafts?!?! 12?! LOL i fell off blogger big time..I wanna get back into it especially since I'm almost at my goal weight!!!!! As you know I hope you do if you follow me on ig.. and on here i started my weightloss journey in nov 2010. Its been a tough journey but definitely worth it I want to do a whole post or a series of post about the whole journey and how i lost the weight..The only reason i wanna share with my readers is because I was inspired by so many success stories online and I wanna be some ones inspiration/ motivation to chose a healthier lifestyle. I never in a million years thought i'd be where i am today. a few weeks ago i just started sharing my weight with others... thats something Ive always kept private because i was always ashamed of my number:( Not anymore!!!:D its a great feeling to hear people say you're soo skinny ( NO IM NOT BUT COMPARED TO HOW BIG I WAS I WOULD CALL IT SKINNY TOO) the last time i was called that was when i was in elementary LMAO. SO be on the lookout for those posts I may start early just because i have so much to talk about..I wanna share everything that helped my in my journey in hopes it will help you all as well.. As far as my eyebrow obsession believe it or not its not as bad as it use to be.. thats why the lack of brow posts:( I just have no motivation blogging and i don't like it. I do read and keep up with a few blogs here and there but mainly where you;; find me is on ig.. leave your UN in the comment section so i can follow you if i dont already:)
tomorrow ill be back i promise with a makeup up post which i will write up and finish tonight!!! xoxoxoxo


  1. can't wait to see those series of posts!!! congrats on what you've accomplished so far!

  2. skin n bones i tell ya!!! get outta here i dont wanna c those posts why so u can rub it in my face NO THANK YOU! UNFOLLOWING!!!

    haterr right here yup thats me y que???

    lmfao love u boo so happy for u!!!!! ugh give me anything ill take any kinda post lol missed ur beautiful face on my tl

    bye boo besos xoxox

  3. I loved reading this! i feel you about mostly everything you just said! we cant give up on blogging yet!!!